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Instant Tag & Go | Textured Chiffon BB in Dark Latte

Instant Tag & Go | Textured Chiffon BB in Dark Latte

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Let’s Indulge yourself with our latest drop for our 2023 TAG & GO COLLECTION: Introducing our latest addition Textured Chiffon Bawal, available in Butterfly Bawal Shape. Features our latest stretchable chiffon & airy textured fabric. Very suitable with our Local Climate!

Comes with 12 beautiful colours to select from, TAG & GO Textured Chiffon is designed with Sewn in Front & Back Magnets. Both Pair of Magnets are adjustable to your face and body size. Select Your Style:


Product Details:- 

Material: Textured Chiffon Crepe
Measurement: 1.60 cm x Bidang 45 inch
Finishing: Baby Seam
Shape: Butterfly Shape


Colours may differ slightly due to flash photography. Hand-feel of the fabric per colour may vary due to the manufacturing nature.

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