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Tudung Ruffles

Majestic Shawl in Georgia

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Welcome to the 17th century of Europe's legacy. Where most architecture, paintings, sculptures, art and poetry is about majestic and luxury.  Known for its artistry which involved contrast, exuberant detail, deep color, and grandeur to create a sense of awe, these Roccoco concept is always favored by many, be it art enthusiast or even fashionistas who love intricate ornamentation on their livery.

Inspired by these classical Europe art, our new collection, MAJESTIC was designed to express all the aesthetic pleasures for those who love gorgeous ornamentic art in many beautiful colors variety.

Material : Satin Silk
Shawl : 5 colors
Size : 190 cm x 70 cm
Box : TR Majestic box

*Color slightly different from the actual item due to lighting during photoshoot and screen monitor.