About Hyraa

Hyraa SG is an authorized partner & reseller of Shera Lee Hijabs.
We are sisters based in Singapore and we specialize in Time Saving and Easy-to-wear hijabs. We provide hijabs for the busy muslim women who are always on the go. With Shera Lee hijabs, you can be out the door in 1 minute during the busy morning. Time is precious so let us source out & test out these amazing creations for you so that you can spend your valuable time on things that actually matter.
What is the difference between Shera Lee hijabs & other brands?

Shera Lee is constant in her innovations - to solve tudung troubles. Her designs focuses on easy to wear hijabs with easy to care for materials. Most of her hijabs ranges from wrinkle resistant to 100% ironless. She understood the issues we hijabis faced and comes up with a solution for us ladies.

 On top of the hijabs' functionality, she also stands for utmost comfort and quality in all her products. This is evident in the material she uses. All her hijabs comes in a rose gold box. From start to the end, every decision she make, she has us in mind. For our comfort. For our ease.

Most importantly, she is adamant to make it affordable! Quality, Functionality, Affordability. Definitely a brand we at Hyraa stand behind. 



With Love

AmirahB. & AmirahS.